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Long Term and Collaborative Advisory

based on  Empowerment and Empathy



In 1993 Antonio Cellie left his position in a multinational Mkt & Communication Firm and, in addition, to starting research and teaching in the area of ​​Strategic Marketing, he founded his Firm to provide marketing and communication consultancy to companies, mainly operating in the Food&Beverage Sector.

This new player in the world of consulting arises from the need expressed by some important organizations, which in many cases are still customers of the Firm, to undertake a virtuous path of market-oriented business process reengineering: Agroittica Lombarda, Bonatti, Bormioli, CAMST, CarleMontanari, CIR Ristorazione, Condorelli, Delverde, Eridania, Federalimentare, Formec Biffi, Galup, La Pizza+1, Lazzaroni, Majani, Mutti,  Parmacotto, Raspini, SACMI, Trentino Tourist Office, Virgilio etc.
In 1999 the "Export Management" competence center was developed by co-opting various correspondents in the USA and ASIA who have developed specific experiences in Marketing Management and M&A

Over the years other specialists in the "Market Research" "Digital Marketing" area have been associated as Partners.

EMP was born and developed to support strategic decision and marketing activities in a new perspective of relationship and service with the client. In fact, after the tight development cycle that has characterized the last twenty years, the approach to business of small and medium-sized enterprises, both Italian and European, has profoundly changed. Most of these companies that characterize the backbone of the economy of our continent, as well as institutions of public interest, have acquired the awareness that to grow in a context of high competitive pressure it is necessary to have constant attention "on the field" , while maintaining in any case, costs are under control, perhaps using specific skills in consultancy to create and "in source" new competences into own organization.

EMP's services have recently evolved towards consultancy forms closer to strategic planning and management, as in the occasion of the coordination of some M&A and restructuring.

EMP has its headquarters in Parma, the Italian Food Valley, the best location to source distinctive competences and know-how for Food and Food Processing.


Via Torelli, 30 Parma

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